Common Council

It was standing room only at the beginning of the meeting as Life Saving Awards were presented to four local heroes. Fire Fighters Joseph Andre and Michael Guattery, and Assistant Chief Nick Barber were present to accept their awards. The fourth, Detective Jennings of the MPD, was away on vacation. A moment of silence was observed for the fire fighters who lost their lives fighting a wild fire out West.

As soon as the awards were presented, the room cleared out and the meeting began as usual with city officials outnumbering members of the public. An e-mail from the Dubins was read thanking the city for its support in commemorating the flight of the Vin Fiz. The city received a citation from Governor Cuomo, resolutions from the State Senate and Assembly, and a certificate from County Executive Diana in recognition of the 125th anniversary. Pat Foti got up to speak and thanked Maria Bruni, John Naumchik and all the other city officials and the council for the good job putting together the celebration. He said that the city should put up statues of John Naumchik and Jerry Kleiner for the work they did. Mr. Foti was here for the 75th and 100th celebrations and no one even knew about the time capsule or would have known now if Jerry Kleiner hadn't found out about it. Economic and Community Development Director Mari Bruni said that the Hoboken International Film Festival and 125th Celebration show that, and economic development do go together.

A resolution providing a non-binding statement of intent was passed regarding expanding Wawayanda's access to city water. Also passed, a resolution providing necessary approval and support for the Run 4 Downtown to be held at 9:00 am, Sat., August 17th.


Common Council

As you may have heard, Scott Smith had to resign as Alderman for the 2nd Ward because he is moving out of the city. The Mayor appointed Kevin Luccketti to fill the vacancy and tonight the Common Council voted to accept the appointment. Mr. Luccketti was sworn in, with his wife and daughter at his side, and then took his seat on the Council for the remainder of the night's business.

For the Good of the City:   Pat Foti said that he thought city employees should have to live in the city because then they would be better motivated to do a good job. Jerry Kleiner spoke about the importance of the Indigot water sources.

Commissioner Tawil reported that the Sterling Street sewer project works too well, sending too much water to the wastewater treatment plant, showing that the effort to upgrade the city's infrastructure is just beginning. He also mentioned the milling and paving of the city streets that will occur. Comments were made by Alderman Sierra about O&R tearing up roads and not fixing them properly. Mr. Tawil replied that they were using inspection bonds and would hold contractors responsible if roads were not properly fixed.

Mayor DeStefano noted that he agreed with Mr. Foti that a residency requirement for city employees would be a good idea, but the matter was covered by union contracts with the Fire, Police and CSEA. The mayor then cordially pointed out that it was his, Mr. Foti's, mayor who gave it away in bargaining. He mentioned that he hoped the city's investment in paving would last and that the city was attempting to communicate and coordinate with O&R and their schedule. The mayor then returned to the issue of Channel 20 and said that the city was in the process of aquiring the equipment to operate the channel. They are also working on upgrading the electronics in the Council Chamber and broadcasting Council meetings. He hoped the school would make their programming available to Channel 20 and had spoken to individual board members who are open to a return.

The aldermen welcomed Mr. Luccketti to the Council. Alderman Joe Masi said that the school board and administration should be ashamed of themselves, that they didn't attend the showing of the Lip Dub at the film festival, and that not everyone has a computer or internet access to view the school website. He hopes the public will call the school board members on this issue.

The Council authorized the mayor to sign an agreement with the county for use of the Indigot Reservoir site.


Franklin Square Pole

Pole Knocked Down

A delivery truck knocked down a pole in Franklin Square this afternoon. Note to drivers of such trucks. They pivot on the rear wheel when pulling out, so if the rear of the truck extends well back of the rear axle it will swing over the curb, hitting things like light poles.


Roadwork around Middletown

New Gas Line Milling the Street


It's that time of the year for roadwork around Middletown. O&R is putting in a new gas line on County Route 78 near High Barney Road. The City of Middletown was milling Monhagen Ave. They did East Main Street, from Grand Ave. to the city line, yesterday and plan to do Vincent Drive, Fulton St. and Little Monhagen as well.


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