Landlord Tenant Law Seminar

Lewis Creekmore, Deputy Director for Program Development for Legal Services of the Hudson Valley, gave a seminar to Middletown landlords and tenants at Thrall Library. The seminar was organized by Orange County Legislator, and former landlord of mine, Jeff Berkman. The seminar touched on the importance of abiding by leases for all parties involved and the limitations and responsibilities of oral contracts. Mr. Berkman and fellow Democrats hope to hold more such forums in the future.


Farmers Market Does Well Despite Rain

Farmers Market

The first thing I noticed as I arrived at the market was how busy it was, despite the weather. Not too busy, just enough to be thriving without being crowded. And the farmers and others were happy with it.

The largest stall, by far, belongs to S. & S. O. Farms on Pulaski Highway. They have been going to farmers markets for 30 years and were one of the founders of the Union Square Market. They've been coming to the Middletown market for 6-8 years, the young man I talked to wasn't exactly sure how long, and they do good business here. It's easy to see why, they're large enough to challenge the produce section of a supermarket.

The next stall over belongs to Pomo Ridge Farm of Plattekill. They've been coming to the market for 15 years. Their stall isn't as big but they also sell baked goods. Look for their pies when the apples and pears come in. Hoeffner Farms of Montgomery is on the other side of the market. They have been here, at the market, since about 2008 and I believe they are also selling plants, the kind for growing, not eating. Unless you're a deer. Yes, I know. That's not funny at all.

It's not just farmers at the farmers market. Audrey's Cookies 4 All Occasions has been here since last year. She lives in Middletown and makes cookies using light and dark brown sugar. You can e-mail her at or just stop by the market on Saturday. Ruth's Southern Classic Desserts was selling small pies and desserts. They have been in business just over 9 months and go to four markets as well as having a store in Pleasant Valley. Beyond the Picket Fence is run by another Middletown resident and sells handmade soaps. She has been at the market for a couple years and also sells her soaps in a few stores and online at

Last but not least, Cornell Cooperative Extension made their first appearance at the market with an Ask a Master Gardener Table. They had a couple master gardeners there to answer questions and a number of handouts including one on, wouldn't you know it, what plants deer like to and don't like to eat. They also had a person from Family and Consumer Sciences there who will be returning in two weeks to hand out senior nutrition coupons for the purchase of produce at the market. If you want to learn more about the Cornell Cooperative Extension, you can check their web site here.

The Middletown Farmers Market is administered by the BID. It started in 1989 and is one of the oldest continuous farmers markets in Orange County. The BID likes to change the location of the market every few years to keep things fresh. Currently, the market is held at Erie Way. For those of you new to the area, it is at the corner of Railroad Avenue and Cottage Street. It's held on Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. through October 26th. There is ample parking just across Cottage Street, where I stood to take the picture, so it's easy to stop by and give the place a look. I highly recommend it, especially when the pies show up.


Middletown Art Group Exhibition Wrap Up

Orange Hall Gallery

The Middletown Art Group's 2013 Exhibition ended July 11th. I did an article on the exhibition earlier, but didn't want to show too much and spoil it for people going to see it. Unfortunately, Orange Hall Gallery wasn't the best place to hold this show. The gallery is a nice space for an exhibit and the exhibit was well done, but the hours it was open were not conducive to almost anyone with a day job. The college is planning a sculpture exhibit there next and if you can go see it you should. But again, the hours are not helpful. For those of you who missed out, I give you a wrap up of the exhibit and some comments from the ribbon winners I was able to contact.

Eclectic Middletown Eclectic Middletown


Eclectic Middletown

In recognition of the city's 125th anniversary, a second exhibit, called Eclectic Middletown, was put on in conjunction with the art exhibition. It featured various items of memorabilia surrounding the history of Middletown, including the Vin Fiz, Frank Shorter and painter Henry Fajen. Jerry Kleiner lent the exhibit several works by Mr. Fajen. There was even a painting of mid 19th century North Street, an area now referred to as Depot Street.

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