Hello! My name is Maria Blon. I am a Life Coach and Energy Healer with SPARKS! I help people do what sparks their passions through a variety of different modalities, including classes and inspirational cards, which encourage people to use simple Meditation, Movement and Motivation activities to transform their lives. I am so excited to be connecting with you through the up and coming Middletown Gazette. I will share simple tools that you can use to bring more joy into your life.

I imagine that you may want to know a bit more about me to help us connect and find the similarities and differences between us. Before starting my company, SPARKS, I was a Yoga teacher and therapist with Create Your Wellness. Before that, I was a Math and Yoga teacher at SUNY Orange. Leaving my full time, financially comfortable position at SUNY Orange to follow my heart gave me the opportunity to jump out of my comfort zone in so many ways; one of which includes helping out our closest third world country, Haiti, where my oldest daughter, Carina, has been volunteering since she graduated from High School in 2011. My youngest daughter, Anna, has chosen a more conventional path and will begin her studies of Special and Elementary Education just two hours away in Albany this fall. My husband Tom, the love of my life for 30 years, teaches Physics at Middletown High School and Astronomy at SUNY Orange.

Oh, there are so many stories to tell of challenges faced and overcome. I look forward to sharing these stories with you in the hope that you may learn from my bumbling and triumphs in life. My blessing to you is, "May sparks of joy guide your day while specks of worry float away!"


From the Editor:

At the school board meeting on July 2, Mr. Estrada resigned, writing that he did not want to be part of a divisive board or a cause of division on the board. This editorial is not about that decision. It is about the the troubling trend, in society in general and the school board in particular, of avoiding any appearance of conflict because it's messy and uncomfortable and not what good people do. If you are not going along with the group, then you shouldn't be part of the group or you should keep your opinions private to keep a united front. At the same time, anyone outside the group can be attacked in a manner that is undiplomatic and, to a neutral observer, slightly vitriolic. If you detect a reference to the Channel 20 dispute there, you are correct though I am not taking sides. I interviewed the mayor and Dr. Eastwood, and also talked to Mr. Warren at the NAACP school board candidate forumn. The print issues ended at that time so they were never published, though I will have them in the archives soon as the lost issues. Without further investigation, I was left with a he said/she said impression and, quite frankly, I don't care to investigate further. I just want to see them work together and get it done. Mature, responsible adults can believe in their side of an issue, fight for it publicly, and then get along with the other side to get the job done. In the real world, you have to work with people you hate and still do the job because your boss doesn't care about your squabbles. Last I checked, the public is the boss, and while I feel for the discomfort of the parties involved, 'nough said.

Of course, the purpose of our school system is to educate our youth. Current theory seems to be to prepare them for the work force and a good job, but I hold with an older school that believes in preparing them to be the citizens of our democracy. There is no doubt in my mind that teaching them, "going along is getting along," will help them to be successful in the world as it is. I just believe that we should be teaching them how to create the world as it should be. Avoiding or hiding conflict, and failing to deal with it constructively, won't accomplish that.

Consider and, if you please, act accordingly.


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